Welcome to Artisans Gallery Team on Etsy!

article by Paula of PaulaArt

Lee of One Clay Bead and Merritt Hyde have joined forces to create a new Etsy Team: Artisans Gallery Team. Welcome new members! During the next few days introductions and information will be posted, in the meantime new members please sign in and say hi!


paula said...

so i'm paula and here is my etsy blog
and here is my etsy shop happy to be here!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Nice to meet you, Paula, I'm Dawn, and I'm happy to be here!

WolfeWoman said...

Hiya all,
I'm Lee of OneClayBead (Wolfewoman on Blogger). A huge thank you, Paula, for starting our team blog. We'll get up and running as soon as posible- I promise!

markhed said...

Hi All! I'm Marie from Markhed ! SOOOO ridiculously happy that we joined forces! I'm so happy to be the French contact person on the team, and I am also helping to keep up the facebook page. If there is anyone who has any questions at all for me please let me know!

Please see below for the links to my business' blog & Facebook page.


Marie Khediguian, Designer & Founder
MarKHed Design

markhed said...

whoa... I just discovered poster sketch... That's amazing!

paula said...

markhed...great to see you here and get your links! glad you discovered something new too :) wonder what other things are out there we dont know about...bring it on people!

Merritt Hyde said...

Hi! I am Merritt of merritthyde. Thank you to Lee for her wonderful "brain child" the ArtisansGalleryTeam and the amazing work she has been doing to bring it to fruition. Thank you Paula for starting this blog. Very excited to be a part of the team!

anakim said...

Thank you Lee and Merritt for this wonderful team. Thanks Paula for the blog. So many Etsy friends and favorites whom I honored and glad to be amongst.
Good luck for everyone!
Orna from AnaKim.

Michelle said...

Hi Everyone, I am Michele from steinschmuckdesign. I am really looking forward to get to know you all a bit bether:)

Michelle said...

Forget to say,
Thank you so much Paula,
for this great start!!!

SewnNatural said...

Thank you so much for all your incredible work in putting this together. I'm Jen (and with my SewnNatural shop partner Jane) we're so pleased to be here!

shop http://www.SewnNatural.etsy.com
read http://SewnNaturalstudio.blogspot.com

twolefthands said...

Hi, I'm Liz/Lefty of twolefthands.
What an honor to be a member of this team of artists and friends whom I admire so much! Thank you so much Lee and Merritt! This is going to be fun!

ingermaaike said...

Hi from IngerMaaike in Norway. Anything fiber is my vice for the moment :-D

Honored to be a part of this team.

BlueTerracotta said...

Hello everyone! I'm Laura of BlueTerracotta and I'm honored to be a part of this team, full of so many talented etsians :)

Yann Pendaries said...

I am Yannpendaries professional photographer in Paris
I am happy to be in this wonderful team,
Excuse me for my English is very poor.;o)

KnotOriginal said...

Hi everyone, I'm Sharon from KnotOriginal. Thank you Lee and Merritt for having me! I look forward to getting to meet some of the unfamiliar faces in the crowd.

nitca said...

so many nationalities ! happy to be the Israeli addition (with anakim)
great place,great team ,great artists, wish you all good luck
Linor from nitca.etsy.com

NewMoonStudio said...

Hello everyone!

Great to meet you all! I am very excited for our new team! good to be here!!!!


kathiroussel said...

hi everyone-- i'm kathi from kathiroussel and i'm thrilled to join forces with such a talented bunch. i'm very happy to be here and look forward to working together. many thanks to merritt and lee for all of the work you've done pulling this together!! no small feat i'm sure!!

all the best,

kathiroussel said...

p.s-- and thanks to you paula for putting together this wonderful blog!!

StudioZen said...

Hello new friends,
I'm Leah from StudioZen, and most of my clothes have paint on them. I live just outside of Seattle, WA and I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this fabulous team.

glazedOver said...

Hi everybody, I'm Jill, the studio pottery of glazedOver. I've been anxious to see who would be a part of this group and now that I can see the list, I must say my heart is positively popping out of my chest right now. I'm so, SO pleased to be a part of this group of exceptional talent. A heartfelt thank you to Lee and Merrit for spearheading this for our collective benefit and to Paula for this already classy blog.


jill2day said...

I am another Jill... from jill2day reconstructed garments. This is so wonderful and THANK YOU to all of our "founding mothers".

Jill Kerttula

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!
I'm Natalie, a.k.a. humblebea.
I am so happy to be here. (-:
Thank you to Lee and Merritt for all of your hard work!

PoleStar Jewelry - Handcrafted said...


Nice to see everyone, I am excited to be part of an active team of such distinguished artists and Etsians.

My name is Jen and I live in Raleigh, NC, USA. I am married and I have two boys, ages 3 and 5.

I make jewelry, and I shop a lot on Etsy. I am looking forward to getting to know some of you, and some of you are already friends.


Kendra Zvonik said...

This is a very exciting day! I am so grateful to be one of the chosen painters on this fabulous team. Thanks to Lee & Merritt for initiating this project & to Paula for the great team blog! We all have so much to look forward to :)

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...


Happy to be a part of a wonderful team!!

Sigmosaics said...

Hello all .. i'm Kerrin of Sigmosaics in New Zealand. I'm completely thrilled to be a part of such a talented team and many of whom are friends but many that i am looking forward to get to know much much better!
Thank you Lee & Merritt for setting this team up and to Paula for creating such a beautiful blog!

elde said...

Hi all!
So exciting for me to be part of this team.I am happy to be here.Thanks Lee and Merritt.


artish said...

woot woot! So happy to be part of the team, looking forward to a great year + more! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in organising this.

YAEL said...


I am Yael from terminy.
Nice to meet you all.

Good night...:-)

Victoria Webb said...

Hi everyone, Victoria here from the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania.

It's going to be a great team, I can feel it!


earmark said...

Hi All! I am Bridgette from Earmark. Here is our etsy shop: http://earmark.etsy.com

our main site:

our blog: http://eigreetings.blogspot.com

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Silvia66 said...

Hi, I am Silvia from Italy. I am happy to be here:-))
This is my shop www.silvia66.etsy.com and this is my blog http://silvia66.blogspot.com/

ThePeachTree said...

ieeeeee!! Going through just these 34 comments has me even MORE excited than I already was!!

Vilte said...

thanks for the blog, Paula ;)

TheJoyofColor said...

Thanks' Paula, I'm so happy to be part of the groop, I think all my favorit etsy shops are here

I'm Yael from the joy of color

twoknit said...

Hello everyone,
I'm Martha 1/2 of the TwoKnit Shop.
Thank you Lee and Merritt for having us in such a great group.
Looking forward to meet and work with all of you.

GetReadySetGO said...

hi everyone!!!!
i'm rachel and i'm sooooo excited to be here. so many people i absolutely adore are here and i'm looking forward to getting to know you ALL:) HUGE THANKS TO LEE & MERRITT!

Tsuru Bride said...

Hi I'm Tsurubride/Meghan. Nice to meet everyone!

maisy and alice said...

Hi everyone! I'm Jill from Maisy and Alice, I'm thrilled to bits to be part of this team and I'm very impressed at your abilities in getting it up and running, so thank you, you clever people!

WickedSoaps said...

Hey all! I'm Misty from WickedSoaps :) I'm honored to have been invited to be part of this up and coming team! Lee, sorry I haven't responded to your convo yet...it's been a hectic couple of week! Either way, I'm here and can't wait to see all of the fabulous artisans :)


Elizabeth said...

How exciting!

Just checking in here, too. I'm Betsie from The Faerie Market.


veroque said...

Hi, I'm Vered, the beaded jewelry artist of veroque. I am so happy to be a part of this team of gorgeous shops. Thank you Lee, Merritt, and Paula for everything that you have done to bring us together!

gretchenmist said...

Hi to all, I'm Belinda aka gretchenmist.

Thanks so much Lee and Merritt for putting this together ~ a big job.

Am very happy to be part of this new team {thanks to JessicaTorrant} and I think I'll have a lovely time getting to know some new people :)

pey said...

Hello everyone,

This Pey of Peylu and Folkartvision.
Bravo, Lee and Merritt for making this happen. Thank you Orna, good to be on the same team with you.
Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

Kanokwalee said...

Hello everyone,

I'm Kanokwalee Pusitanun. I'm a graphic designer in Austin, TX area (Cedar Park.)

A big THANK to Lee and Merritt for forming this awesome team. I'm honored to be a team member.

See you around!

Sherry said...

hi, new faces and old! so happy to be here.

here's my blog:

xo Sherry

Decorate the Diva said...

I'm Renee Bowen and I'm so honored to be included in this team!!!